Fuel supply is scrutinized on a daily basis, and you need a distributor who is knowledgeable, consistent, competitive, honest, and someone you can trust.  Southern Petroleum Resources can custom fit your needs and fulfill your requirements with top-notch service and skills.  Our full service specializes in product, pricing, and delivery to bring to you the most cost effective fuel and the best service in the industry.


87 Grade

93 Grade


Lubricants and Oils


#1270 Winterized Power Stroker

#1285 Flo-Max Starter

#1285D Flo-Max De-Icer (Quarts)


Construction Agents

Biodegradable Release Agent

Biodiesel Fuels

B99 – Straight Ethanol

E85 – 85% Ethanol

B5 – 5% Biodiesel / 95% Diesel

B20 – 20% Biodiesel

B98 – Pure Ethanol


Diesel Fuels

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel

Red Dye Diesel


Aviation Jet Fuel